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                                    Students Advisory Committee of the Senate

PDPM IIITDMJ is a residential Institute. Students are expected to meet the highest standards of personal, ethical and moral conduct possible. These standards require personal integrity, a commitment to honesty without compromise, as well as truth without equivocation and a willingness to place the good of the community above the good of the self. As members of the IIITDMJ community, students are expected to uphold the standards of the community in addition to holding others accountable for said standards. It is rare that the life of a student in an academic community can be so private that it will not affect the community as a whole.

Without the ability to trust that these principles will be observed, an academic community cannot exist. The commitment of its faculty, staff and students to these standards contributes to the high respect in which the Institute is beheld. Students must not destroy that respect by their failure to meet these standards.

Bodies of the Institute that are authorized to advise and recommend disciplinary action(s) against defaulting student(s) are (i) Students Advisory Committee of the Senate (SACS) and (ii) Students Advisory Committee of the Hall of Residence (SACHR) for each Hall of Residence of students.

Students Advisory Committee of the Senate(SACS)

1. Dr. Prashant K Jain, Dean Students (Convener)
2. Prof. P. N. Kondekar (Head, Counseling Service)
3. Dr. Shiv Dayal Patel (Member, Hostel Warden Hall-IV)
4. Dr. Matadeen Bansal (Member, Hostel Warden Hall-III)
5. Dr. Deepmala (Member, Hostel Warden Hall-I)
6. Dr. Pavan K Kankar, Member (Faculty Member other than warden)
7. Mr. Rishabh Dev Yadav, Member (Representative of Counseling Service)
8. Mr. Abhijeet Pathak, Member (Representative of Counseling Service)