Campus Development

PDPM IITDM Library Hostel
Our growing Institute is in the process of rapidly adding up new facets to its infrastructure. Currently the buildings of Core Lab Complex, Service block, Lecture Halls, Library, Workshop, Cafeteria and single Seated Student Residence-I are fully functional. However the requirement of the Institute is increasing with the increase in the number of students, Faculty & Staff. In view of the greater need for campus development at a faster pace, the work for another Triple Seated Student Residence is almost complete and planning of Lecture Hall, Tutorial complex and Faculty Residence is going on faster pace. Mojor equipments have also been purchased for creation of Core Labs & Professional Labs with fully networked enviroment. As an added facility Allahabad Bank has opened a branch office in our Institute campus.

A 21st century campus- diversity, technology

The Institute campus is being developed in a 250 acres land in the area of Meghawa, Dumna Airport Road Jabalpur. The entire academic complex is connected through WiFi network.

Library :

Institute library has e-resources through INDEST, Science Direct, IEEE, ACM, Springger Link, Nature and ASME .The Institute also has access to various online research journals & articles like following resources SIAm, AMS, ACS, Kluwer, APS, Palgrave, INFORMS, Rev.of Scientific Instruments, Appl.Physics Letters and the search engine Scopus. Total number of books in the Institute library by the year 2009-10 are approximately 6742.

Lab Infrastructure :

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory :

This Laboratory contains Rapid Prototyping Machine, CNC Controlled Abrasive Waterjet Machine, CNC Milling Center, CNC Turning Center, Dynamometer, Electro Chemical Machining System, Injection Moulding Machine etc.

Biometric Laboratory :

This Laboratory contains S Series, H Series, W Series cameras and p6 p520(Tower Model), p6 p520:8203 Model servers Made by IBM etc.

Signal System & Control Lab:

This laboratory is equipped with DSP Starter SPARTAN-3 kit (DSK), TMS 320C6713 DSK with CCS (Code Composer Studio), Image Daughter Kit with CCD Cameras, Bloom with DSP, Matrox Imaging Library, Matrox Morphis, Frame Graber Card, Color CCD Camera for online Processing etc. Interactive &Non-interactive conical Tank System , Four Tank System, Analysis of DC control motor system (PWM Method) kit, R-C firing circuit analysis kit, SCR characteristics.

High Performance Computing Labortory :

Specification of Parallel Cluster (for Central Computing Facility)- JS22 Blade No.3, 16GB(2*8GB) DDR2 533 Mhz DiMMs, IBM 146GB SAS 10K SFF HDD, IBM blade center JS22 4-core 4.0 Ghz Processor and WiFi Campus etc.

Infrared Imaging Laboratory :

This Laboratory contains Radiometeric calibration, Extender rings, NDT Base Module, Central computing unit with TFT display, Software Modules for Lockin, Transient-and Pulse Measurement, Module Pulse- and Transient- Thermography, Source for Vibro- Thermography etc.

Materials Research Laboratory :

This Laboratory contains three important instruments for material characterization which are X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) including SPM, MFM etc.

Computational ECE Lab:

This lab is equipped with advanced Electronic and Electromagnetic simulation and design tools:   Lumerical FDTD Solutions, CST Microwave studio, Synopsis, Cadence, Silvaco and TCAD, High end workstations and 30 desktop computers.

Microwave Radiation Lab:

This laboratory is well equipped with research facilities: Spectrum Analyzer (100KHz- 3GHz), Agilent ENA series Vector Network Analyzer (300KHz-20GHz), Rapid PCB Prototyping Machine (LPKF) for RF and Microwave fabrication, Radiation Meter, Microwave test Benches and components, MIC Kits and accessories, Antennas: Horn Antenna, Dielectric Resonator Antenna, parabolic Disc, Slotted Antenna.

Communication Engineering Lab:

This laboratory is equipped with various trainer kits and equipments: AM, FM, PAM, PPM, PWM, μ-Law & A-Law Compressor and Decompressor, TDM, FDM, PCM, BFSK , Sigma Delta Modulator & Demodulator, Adaptive Delta, CDMA-DSSS, GSM, Satellite communication Trainer, Fiber Optic Trainer (Modulation, Bending Loss, Measurement of Optical Power, Numerical Aperture), Spectrum Analyzer, DSO.

Nanoelectronics & VLSI Lab:

Presently this laboratory has Characterization equipment make Keithley, FPGA Kit and Verilog software.

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