Indo-Japanese Collaboration

Visit of Japanese Experts (Year 2015-16)

Lectures By Japanese Experts

Visit To Japan



Visit to Japan:

Visit of Faculty to Japan

To strengthen the collaboration and to identify the areas of cooperation, faculty members of the Institute visit Japan. Five faculty members of the Institute – Dr Puneet Tandon, Dr Tanuja Sheorey, Dr Vijay K Gupta, Dr Pritee Khanna and Dr Mukesh K Roy visited Japan during December 2007. Further, another set of five faculty members, namely Dr. Subir S Lamba, Dr. M. Ravi Babu, Dr.Bhupendra Gupta, Dr. Sunil Agarwal and Dr. M. Amarnath visited Japan in December 2009.


Japan Visit of Students

The students of the Institute visits Japan on exposure visits as well as on summer internships for a duration of one month to two months. Fifteen students, five each in June 2008, December 2008 and June 2009 visited Japan for short durations under JENESYS programme. Their visit was fully supported by Japan Government. This exposure visit of students helped them understand the education and training system of Japan. The industry people also explained the students the process of getting summer internships in some of the leading industrial labs. They also got an exposure to opportunities of higher education in Japan.
One student – Mr. Sagar Ranglani was invited by Prof. Hiroshi Suzuki of University of Tokyo to work in his lab in the summers of 2008, under summer internship with full sponsorship by Prof. Suzuki including travel expenses and per diem. Further, another set of seven students did their internship in leading companies of Japan during the summers of 2009. The organizations that offered the internships to the students were Toshiba, Hitachi, Amada, Sumitomo Metals Industries and Nakata Manufacturing Company.