Semiconductor based electronic chips in virtually all consumer electronics have made remarkable changes in our day to day life. The scaling of transistors in integrated circuits such as microprocessors and memory devices have brought a paradigm shift in the way semiconductor companies manufactures and characterize in nano-scale dimension. The analysis, characterization and metrology of these MOS capacitors and transistors are becoming more and more difficult and challenging with scale entering into nanometer dimensions.

The present workshop is aimed to create awareness among the research students for some of the trends in device characterization and analysis in the nanometer regime. The physical characterization of Nano-electronic devices requires combinations of sophisticated techniques and measurements of multiple variables. So Keithley Model 4200 SCS/F (Semiconductor Characterization System) is a very useful tool for it. We will understand how to use it to make C-V & I-V measurements and deriving many of the common MOS parameters.

Who can attend

  • B.Tech final year student who are doing their projects in nano domain.
  • All PG students who have their interest in nano domain.
  • All interested faculty members are invited to attend
  • All interested staff members are invited to attend

We will characterize the Semiconductor Devices with Keithley 4200- SCS/F & Source meters.