Faculty Achievements

 Prestigious editor for the year 2011

 Dr. Pavan Kankar's paperrecently was one of the ten most
  downloaded paper in ASME website.

Faculty Colloquium

Date Speaker Title

08-October- 2010

Prof. Aparajita Ojha

Intelligent Path Planning: Certain Aspects - Part I

04 - Jun- 2010

Dr. Pritee Khanna

Multi-Agent Feature based Shape Grammar Implementation for Concept Generation of Industrial Product Design

05-May- 2010

Dr .H. Chelladurai

Development of Cutting Tool Condition Monitoring System

23 April 2010

Mr. Saket Saurav

Reasons, requirements and process to beginning a university level space experimentations

16 April 2010

Mr Sitaram Soni

Form Generation for Aesthetic Product Design

26 March 2010

Dr Dinesh Kumar V

Plasmonics and Nanoantennas

19 March 2010

Dr.P. N. Kondekar

Superjunction Power MOSFET:Breaking the Silicon Limit

12 March 2010

Dr P. K. Padhy

Modelling and Control of Mobile Robots

05 March 2010

Dr. B. Mukherjee

Electromagnetic analysis and solvers

26 Feb 2010

Dr V. K. gupta

Energy Harvesting

19 Feb 2010

Dr. Prashant K Jain

Medical Rapid Prototyping Technologies: State of the Art and Current Limitations And Development of Rapid Prototyping Machine

05 Feb 2010

Dr. Tanuja Sheorey

Sustainable Energy through Renewable Resources: Future Prospects of Decentralized Rural Applications

29 Jan 2010

Dr. Ashish Kundu

Magneto-transport properties of the new ordered perovskite cobaltites

22 Jan 2010

Prof. Amit Ray

Innovation and human values in liberal design education policy

15 Jan 2010

Prof. Puneet Tandon

Design of Custom-Engineered Cutting Tools


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