Research Publications in National/International Journals 2008



  1. Ojha A. and N. Choubey‚ Trigonometric spline curves with variable shape parameter‚ Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics‚ 38‚ 2008‚ 91-106.
  2. R.Ranjith, Asish K. Kundu, M.Filippi, B.Kundys, W.Prellier, B.Raveau, J.Laverdière, M.P.Singh, S.Jandl, Ferromagnetism and magneto-dielectric effect in insulating LaBiMn4/3Co2/3O6 thin films, Applied Physics Letter, 92, 062909 (2008).
  3. E.L.Rautama, P.Boullay, Asish K. Kundu, V.Caignaert, V.Pralong, B.Raveau, Cationic ordering and microstructural effects in the ferromagnetic perovskite La0.5Ba0.5CoO3: Impact upon magneto transport properties, Chemistry of Materials, 20, 2742 (2008).
  4. M.Filippi, B.Kundys, R.Ranjith, Asish K. Kundu, W.Prellier, Interfacial contribution to the dielectric response in semiconducting LaBiMn4/3Co2/3O6, Applied Physics Letter, 92, 212905 (2008).
  5. Asish K. Kundu, R.Ranjith, V.Pralong, V.Caignaert, B.Raveau, Magneto-transport and magneto-dielectric effect in Bi-based perovskite manganites, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 18, 4280 (2008).
  6. Asish K. Kundu, R.Ranjith, N.Nguyen, B.Kundys, V.Caigneart, V.Pralong, W.Prellier, B.Raveau, A multiferroic ceramic with perovskite structure: LaBiMnFeO6.18, Applied Physics Letter, 93, 052906 (2008).
  7. Tandon Puneet‚ Gupta P. & Dhande S.G.‚ Modeling of Twist Drills in terms of 3D Angles International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology‚ 2008‚ Vol. 38‚ No.5-6‚ pp.543-550.
  8. Tandon Puneet‚ Gupta P. and Dhande S.G.‚ Geometric Modeling of Fluted Cutters‚ ASME Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering‚ 2008‚ Vol. 8‚ Issue 2‚ pp.021007-1-15.
  9. Gulati‚ Vishal‚ Singh‚ Hari & Tandon‚ Puneet‚ A Parametric Voxel Based Unified Modeler for Creating Carved Jewelry‚ Computer Aided Design & Applications‚ 2008‚ Vol. 5‚ No. 6‚ pp.811-821.
  10. Mulaveesala R‚ Sanjay A and Tuli S‚ Infrared non-destructive characterization of boiler tube‚ Sensor Lett.‚ 2008‚ Vol. 6‚ 312–318.
  11. Mulaveesala R‚ J.S. Vaddiand P. Singh‚ Pulse compression approach to infrared nondestructive characterization‚ Review of Scientific Instruments‚ 79(2008).
  12. Bhupendra Gupta& Srikant K. Iyer and Prof. D. Manjunath‚ On the Topological Properties of One Dimensional Exponential Random Geometric Graph‚ Random Structures and Algorithm‚ 2008‚ Vol-32‚ Issue 2‚ 181-204
  13. M. Amarnath‚ C. Sujatha and S. Swarnamani‚ Experimental investigations on the effects of reduction in Gear tooth stiffness and lubrication film thickness in a spur geared system‚Tribology International.
  14. Mallikarjuna Reddy. D‚ Amaranth. M‚ Sreenidhi. R and Prabhu Swamy. S. Experimental investigation and analysis of defects in tapered roller bearings using condition monitoring techniques‚ Journal of advances in vibration engineering‚ 2008 Vol-7‚ No-4
  15. Goutam Duttaand J. B. Doshi‚“A Characteristics-Based Implicit Finite-Difference Scheme for the Analysis of Instability in Water Cooled Reactors’‚ Nuclear Engineering and Technology‚ 40 (6)‚ 477 –488‚ 2008.
  16. V. Dinesh Kumar‚K. Asakawa‚ Transmission and directionality control of light emission from a nanoslit in metallic film flanked by periodic gratings‚ Elsevier Journal of Photonics and Nanostructure 6 (2008) 148–153.
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  18. V. K. Singh‚ O. P. Singh‚ R. K. Pandey‚Numerical evaluation of Hankel transforms by using linear Legendre multi-wavelets‚ Computer Physics Communications179 (2008) 424-429. (Elsevier ’ s Journal)
  19. V. K. Singh‚ R. K. Pandey‚ O. P. Singh‚ New stable numerical solutions of singular integral equations of Abel type by using normalized Bernstein polynomials‚ Applied Mathematical SciencesVol. 3 No. 5 (2008)441-455.
  20. R. K. Pandey‚ O. P. Singh‚ V. K. Singh‚ An efficient algorithm for computing zero-order Hankel transforms‚ Applied Mathematical SciencesVol. 2 No. 60(2008)2991-3000.
  21. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ and R. S. Anand‚“Near Perfect Reconstruction Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank’‚ International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering‚ Vol. 2‚ No. 3‚ pp. 121-123‚ 2008.

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