Research Publications in National/International Journals 2009



  1. Adhikari M.‚ “Cultural Representation in Text and Cinematic Adaptation: Mirza Mohammed Hadi Ruswa?s Umrao Jan Ada and Muzaffar Ali?s Umrao Jaan” ‚ Muse India Cinematic Adaptations of Indian Literary Texts‚ 2009
  2. Amit Ray (2009)‚ "The Role of Environmental Ethics in the National Product Design Policy? ‚ Sthapati (An Annual Architecture Magazine)‚ IIT Kharagpur‚ Department of Architecture & Regional Planning‚ India‚ pp.12-16
  3. A.Srivastava, C. K. Sarkar “Dielectric property of CaCu3Ti4O12 thin film grown on Nb doped SrTiO3 (100) single crystal” Applied Physics A, Materials Science & Processing, (2009) Vol.97, Number 2, pp.409-416.
  4. A.Srivastava, Partha Sarkar, C. K. Sarkar, “Study in variation of Gate Dielectric permittivity with different EOT on channel engineered Deep Sub-micrometer n-MOSFET Device for Mixed Signal Applications” Microelectronics Reliability, vol.49(4) (2009), pp. 365–370.
  5. Gulati‚ Vishal Singh‚ Hari & Tandon‚ Puneet‚ “Integrative Modeling to Produce Ornamental Products” ‚ Computer Aided Design & Applications‚ 2009‚ Vol. 6‚ No. 1‚ pp. 27-42.
  6. AshutoshPandey‚ M K Roy‚ Anjana Pandey‚ Wolfgang J Parak‚ Macro Zanellaand H C Verma‚ Chloroform-and water-soluble sol-gel derived Eu+++/Y203 (red) and Tb+++/Y203 (green) nanophosphors: synthesis‚ characterization and surface Modification‚ IEEE Transactions on Nanobioscience‚ 2009‚ Vol.8‚43.
  7. Padhy‚ P. K.and Majhi‚ S.‚ Improved automatic tuning of PID Controller for stable Processes‚ ISA Transactions‚ Vol 48‚ issue 4‚ pp423-427‚ 2009.
  8. Bhupendra Gupta‚ vertex Degree of Random Geometric Graph on exponentially distributed Points. Statistics & Probability Letters‚ 2009‚ Vol. 79‚ Issue 19‚ pp.2020-2027.
  9. M. Amarnath‚ C. Sujatha and S. Swarnamani‚ “Detection and Diagnosis of Gear Tooth Wear Through Metallurgical and Oil Analysis” ‚ Tribology online‚ accepted.
  10. E.L.Rautama‚ V.Caignaert‚ P.Boullay‚ Asish K. Kundu‚ V.Pralong‚ M.Karppinen‚ C. Ritter‚ B.Raveau‚ A New Member of 112 Family‚ LaBaCo2O5.5: Synthesis‚ Structure and Magnetism‚ Chemistry of Materials‚ 21‚ 102 (2009).
  11. Asish K. Kundu‚ B.Raveau‚ V.Caignaert‚ E.L.Rautama‚ V.Pralong‚ Electron transport and thermoelectric properties of layered perovskite LaBaCo2O5.5‚ Journal of Physics: CondensedMatter‚ 21‚ 056007 (2009).
  12. Goutam Duttaand Jagdeep. B. Doshi‚ “Nonlinear Analysis of Nuclear Coupled Density Wave Instability in Time-domain for a Boiling Water Reactor Core Undergoing Core-wide and Regional Modes of Instabilities” ‚ Progress in Nuclear Energy‚ 51‚ 769 –787‚ 2009.
  13. V. Dinesh Kumar‚ K. Asakawa‚ Investigation of a Slot Nanoantenna in Optical Frequency Range Elsevier Journal of Photonics and Nanostructure 7 (2009) 161–168.
  14. R. K. Pandey‚O. P. Singh‚ V.K. Singh‚ Efficient algorithms to solve singular integral equations of Abel type‚. Computer & Mathematics with Applications57(4) (2009)664-676. (Elsevier’s Journal)
  15. R. K. Pandey‚ V. K. Singh‚ O. P. Singh‚ An improved method for computing Hankel transform‚ Journal of The Franklin Institute346 (2)(2009) 102-111. (Elsevier’s Journal)
  16. O. P. Singh‚ R.K.Pandey‚ V. K. Singh‚ An analytic algorithm for Lane –Emden equations arising in Astrophysics using MHAM‚ Computer Physics Communications180 (2009) 1116-1124.. (Elsevier’s Journal)
  17. O. P. Singh‚ V. K. Singh‚R.K.Pandey‚ A New Stable Algorithm for Abel inversion Using Bernstein Polynomials‚ International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation10 (5) (2009) 681-685.
  18. R. K. Pandey‚ O. P. Singh‚ V. K. Singh‚ Numerical solution of system of Volterra integral equations using Bernstein polynomials‚ International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation10 (7) (2009) 691-695.
  19. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ and R. S. Anand‚ “A Simple Method for the Design of Cosine Modulated
  20. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ R.S. Anand‚ “Design of Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank using Particle Swarm optimization” ‚ International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering‚ Vol. 1‚ No. 3‚ pp. 213-217‚ May 2009.
  21. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ and R. S. Anand‚ “Design of Quadrature Mirror FilterBank using Constrained Optimization” ‚ Int. J. of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering (IJSISE) (Inderscience)‚ Vol. 2‚ No. 3‚ pp. 126-132‚ 2009.

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