Research Publications in National/International Journals 2011



  1. Asish K. Kundu‚ V.Pralong‚ B.Raveau‚ V.Caignaert‚ Magnetic & electric properties of oredered 112- type perovskite LnBaCoMnO5+x‚ Journal of Materials Science‚ 46‚ 681 (2011).
  2. A. Srivastava, R. K. Nahar, C. K. Sarkar, Y. Malhotra, “Study of hafnium oxide thin film deposited using Dense Plasma Focus machine as a gate dielectric for a MOS device” Microelectronics Reliability, 51(4) (2011), pp.751-755.
  3. D. Zade, S. Sato, K. Kakushima, A. Srivastava, P. Ahmet, K. Tsutsui, A. Nishiyama, N. Sugii, K. Natori, T. Hattori, C. K. Sarkar, and H. Iwai “Effects of La2O3 incorporation in HfO2 gated nMOSFETs on low-frequency noise” Microelectronics Reliability, 51(4) (2011), pp. 746-750.
  4. M.M.Seikh, Asish K. Kundu, V.Caignaert, V.Pralong and B.Raveau, Magnetic and electronic properties of Eu0.9Ca0.1BaCo2O5.5+x with the disparity of oxygen stoichiometry Journal of Applied Physics, 109, 093916 (2011).
  5. Asish K. Kundu, M.M.Seikh, A. Srivastava, S. Mahajan, R. Chatterjee V. Pralong and B.Raveau, Incoherent Effect of Fe and Ni Substitutions in the Ferromagnetic-Insulator La0.6Bi0.4MnO3+x, Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 073904 (2011).
  6. Amit Ray & Swathi M. Reddy‚Cultural Interaction through Aesthetics in Design? International Journal of Design & Culture (accepted in March 2011)‚ New York
  7. Khan‚ Mohammed Rajik and Tandon‚ Puneet‚ Mathematical modeling for design of a generic custom-engineered form mill‚International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology‚ 2011‚ Vol. 54‚ Issue 1‚ pp. 139-148. DOI: 10.1007/s00170-010- 2936-4
  8. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ R. S. Anand‚ “An Improved Closed Form Design Method for the Cosine Modulated Filter Banks using Windowing Technique”‚ Applied Soft Computing‚ Vol. 11‚ No. 3‚ pp. 3209-3217‚ 2011.
  9. Sambhav‚ K.‚ Tandon‚ Puneet & Dhande‚ S.G.‚ “Mathematical Modeling of Generic Single Point Cutting Tool in Terms of Grinding Parameters”‚ Applied Mathematical Modelling. [Accepted for Publication]
  10. Vasal‚ Apurv‚ Mishra‚ Deepak and Tandon‚ Puneet‚ “A Novel and Cost Effective Approach to Public Vehicle Tracking System”‚ International Journal of UbiComp (IJU). [Accepted for Publication]
  11. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ and R. S. Anand‚ “A Simple Design Method for the Cosine Modulated filter banks using weighted least square technique”‚ Journal of Franklin Institute‚ Vol. 348‚ No‚ 1‚ pp. 606- 621‚ 2011.
  12. A. Kumar‚ G. K. Singh‚ and R. S. Anand‚ “A Closed Form Design Method for the Two Channel Quadrature Mirror Filter Banks”‚ Signal Image and Video Processing‚ Vol. 5‚ No. 1‚ pp. 121-131‚ 2011.
  13. Sambhav‚ K.‚ Dhande‚ S.G. & Tandon‚ Puneet‚ “Computer Aided Design and Development of Customized Shoe Last” Computer Aided Design & Applications‚ 2011 [Accepted for Publication]
  14. Rajib Kumar Jha‚ P. K. Biswas‚ B. N. Chatterji‚ “Contrast Enhancement of Dark Images Using Stochastic Resonance‚” Accepted in IET Journal of Image Processing‚ 2011‚ (IEE). (In press)
  15. Rajib Kumar Jha‚ P. K. Biswas‚ B. N. Chatterji‚ S. Shrivastav‚ “Logo Detection Using Dynamic Stochastic Resonance‚”Accepted in Signal‚ Image and Video Processing‚ 2011‚ (in press).
  16. Dinesh Kumar V‚ Abhinav Bhardwaj‚ Deepak Mishra‚ Investigation of a Turnstile Nanoantenna‚ IEE‚ Micro and Nano Letters‚ 2011‚ Vol. 6‚ Iss. 2‚ pp. 94-97.
  17. A. K. Bhandari‚ A. Kumar and P. K. Padhy‚ Enhancement of Low Contrast Satellite Images Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Singular value Decomposition‚ International Journal of Information and communication Engineering (Accepted).
  18. P. K. Padhy‚ A Kumar‚ Avinash Kumar‚ Vivek Chandra and Kalyan T Rao‚ " Feature Extraction and Classification of Brain Signal” International Journal of Information and communication Engineering (Accepted).
  19. Padhy, P.K. and Majhi, S., Exact Analysis for the Identification of Non-minimum phase Processes, Journal of The Franklin Institute (Accepted).
  20. V. K. Singh and P. K. Padhy., The System Identification and PID Lead-lag Control for Two Poles Unstable SOPDT Process by Improved Relay Method, Journal of Advanced Materials Research (Accepted).

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