Research Publications in National/International Journals 2012



  1. Mulaveesala R, Amarnath Muniyappa, Soma Sekhara Balaji Panda, Rupla Naik Mude, Nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures by nonstationary thermal wave imaging ", SPIE DSS Paper 8354-10 (2012); (accepted).
  2. Mulaveesala R, Ghali V. Subbarao, Muniyappa Amarnath., Matched excitation for thermal nondestructive testing of carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials ", SPIE Paper 8354-7 (2012); (accepted).
  3. .Mulaveesala R, Venkata Nagarjuna P., Dadda Ravi, Muniyappa Amarnath, Nonstationary thermal wave imaging techniques for inspection of wooden materials ", SPIE Paper 8354-11 (2012); (accepted).
  4. R. K. Pandey, N. Kumar, Solution of Lane-Emden type equations using Bernstein Operational matrix of Differentiation, New Astronomy 17 (2012) 303-308 (Elsevier’s Journal)
  5. P.K. Kankar, Satish C. Sharma and S.P. Harsha, “Nonlinear Vibration Signature Analysis of a Rotor Bearing System Due to Race Imperfections”, ASME Journal of Computational Nonlinear Dynamics, 2012, Vol. 7, No. 1, 011014 (16 pages).
  6. Binding of BIS like and Other Ligands with the GSK-3beta kinase: A Combined Docking and MM-PBSA Study. N.R. Jena* J. Mol. Model. 2012, 18, 631-644.

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